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Just for Kids – Caivil – Relaxing your child’s hair over the holiday

Have fun with braids this season

Now that school holidays are here, it is time for your kids to have their hair exactly how they want it. This article is going to focus specifically on relaxing your child’s hair with the Caivil Just For Kids No-Lye Relaxer (

Relaxing your child’s hair can solve issues such as tangling and knotting. However, it is important to use a relaxer that suits your child’s hair type, and doesn’t irritate the scalp. Just For Kids No-Lye Relaxers are a low irritant, no-mix relaxer that is suitable for sensitive scalps, and comes in 3 strengths – i.e. for fine hair, normal hair, and coarse hair. Each relaxer comes with a neutralising shampoo for your convenience to help neutralise the hair after relaxing it.  The neutralising shampoo has a built-in colour indicator which means that the shampoo suds will remain pink if traces of relaxer is still present on the hair. So, you will need to shampoo again, and only once the shampoo suds show white is all the relaxer washed off and it’s safe to dry and style.

When using this easy-to-use relaxer always ensure you follow the instructions carefully. Keep to the time, protect the hairline and skin with petroleum jelly and ensure you wash it out thoroughly with the Just For Kids Neutralising Shampoo ( This will help give you the best results.

Refer to ( for more information on how to relax your child’s hair.

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Fabulous with Isoplus

It is the holiday season and time to look fabulous. Colours are one thing but the right hairstyle is another element. A style can make your look.

There is nothing like treating yourself to a salon visit. You deserve to pamper yourself. At the salon you can get your hair styled as you wish, the only problem is maintaining that style once you get home. This is where Isoplus Fabulous comes in ( Not only is it a fabulous salon range, but you can purchase it at your local beauty store to maintain the look.

So, what hairstyles are in this summer? A bob cut is in. Head to the salon, relax your hair and cut it to shape. This style is popular as it’s easy to maintain until your next treatment. A shampoo and condition two weeks later will help maintain your hair. The ideal products to hold this style in place are the Isoplus Styling Gel, Isoplus Edge Gel, Isoplus Sprtiz or the Isoplus Oil Sheen Spray. On a side note, Isoplus products are also great for hair and scalp health.

See ( for more fun summer salon styles.

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Colours, colours everywhere!

Colours, colours everywhere!

2020 was not the greatest year, with COVID-19 invading our everyday lifestyle and interrupting our day-to-day routine. However, not all is lost. Home dyeing is the new trend. What is wonderful about this is the array of hair colours available to you. The various tones, shades and blends all create a stunning look and lets you explore with colour. Being in lockdown has led to boredom, and boredom has led to exploring new trends and possibilities. This is definitely not a bad thing. After all, there is no time like the present to reinvent oneself.

Before you select a hair colour that suits your complexion, also consider what type of style you are going for. Are you looking to add colour through braids, are you wanting to two tone your long hair, or do you want a bright look for your short haircut? Research thoroughly how to dye your hair for that particular style.

This summer, bright colours are all the rage. Don’t be afraid to show off your personality through your hair. Purple, red, Aqua and magenta are all trending at the moment. With Caivil Colour Shines Semi-Permanent Hair Colour (  you have an array of fashionable hair colours to choose from.

The red shades in the Caivil range (such Spiced Cognac, Fiery Red and Cherry Cola) won’t be going off trend anytime soon. These unique colours add vibrancy and life into your hair. With red, you need to consider your skin tone. The darker your skin the more versatile the range of colours you can go – anywhere from bright to dark. If you have a lighter skin tone look at leaning more towards the brighter shades.

If you’re looking to be more daring, the Caivil Deep Aqua or Purple Berry are the choices for you. These vibrant colours are all the rage this summer and are suitable for any skin complexion and any occasion. With this year’s hair trends, you can pair up a beautiful white dress or black one piece. The benefit of vibrant and lasting hair colour is that throughout summer you will be trendy.

The Caivil range offers a wide array of treatment and hair care products. After all, beautiful hair is part of feeling like a beautiful you.

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Black Chic – Spicy Plum

Black Chic - Spicy Plum

Summer is all about colour. Reds, blondes, blues and purples. Each has its own personality and brings out a different facet of you. Black Chic Fashion Colours ( ) provides an array of beautiful colours. Today the focus is on Spicy Plum. A colour that is passionate, smart and chic.

Spicy Plum is a great colour for a natural bob hair cut or afro style. It is a bright, interesting and vibrant colour. It draws people to you. So, make those summer selfies outstanding with this hair colour.

This stunning colour is a colour crème that covers 100% grey hairs and gives off a dazzling shine. You can dress up or down the look and is perfect for both at work and at home. You get the best of both worlds.

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Black Chic – Blonde is Back

Black Chic- Blonde is back

Blonde is back, whether it be the tips of your natural hair or dyeing your short hair, both look beautiful. It’s summer, so what’s better than to colour your hair and look the summery part.

Short hair is all the rage and is great for the summer heat. Shave your sides and leave the top longer, this will bring out the shape of your face. Now grab your Black Chic Mega Blonde Permanent Hair Dye ( ) .

The Mega range allows you to get a richer colour from the comfort of your own home. This easy-to-use hair dye will leave you dazzling your friends and looking chic on your nights out.

The Mega Colour range has a number of benefits. It is a permanent hair colour, it is enriched with the goodness of Coconut Oil helps nourish your hair while dyeing it. Furthermore, it’s Ammonia-Free, and the Colour Protect Conditioner helps the colour results last longer.

How to colour your hair using the Black Chic Mega Blonde (for short hair):

  1. Ensure you read the instructions carefully.
  2. Remember to wear gloves to protect your hands
  3. Mix the colour mixture and apply it to your hair starting from the back and working towards the front of your head. Ensure you start off with your roots first.
  4. Put a shower cap over your head and leave it on for 30 minutes.
  5. Wash it out well with shampoo until the water is clear, and then apply the colour conditioner supplied and let it sit for 5-10 minutes.
  6. Thereafter rinse, blow dry and style as desired.

There you have it. Perfectly blonde hair done at home. What could be easier?

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Black Chic – Be on the colour trend

Colour is so versatile and adds character and dimension to your hair. Below are some colours that match perfectly with short and bob hairstyles.

Something that is fun, professional and stylish is to have a short haircut that is lighter on the top. To create this, one can use one of the Black Chic Fashion Colours or Black Chic Mega Hair Colours products ( to colour the top of your head. Blonde is always classy, but reds, blues, pinks and purples add spunk.

When choosing a colour think about the season, your favourite colour, the vibe you are wanting to give off and how it will suit your complexion. It is summer time and the sun is out, and you want to show off with those Facebook selfies. Blondes and reds are great for this season. The lighter the blonde the more gorgeous it will look.

Overall, Pinterest is a great place to pop by when looking for a hair style and colour inspiration. Grab your Black Chic Fashion Colour or Mega Colours and have some fun this holiday season.

Home colour kits are a fun activity and are easy to use. Order some pizza, and begin the process!

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