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Colour is so versatile and adds character and dimension to your hair. Below are some colours that match perfectly with short and bob hairstyles.

Something that is fun, professional and stylish is to have a short haircut that is lighter on the top. To create this, one can use one of the Black Chic Fashion Colours or Black Chic Mega Hair Colours products ( to colour the top of your head. Blonde is always classy, but reds, blues, pinks and purples add spunk.

When choosing a colour think about the season, your favourite colour, the vibe you are wanting to give off and how it will suit your complexion. It is summer time and the sun is out, and you want to show off with those Facebook selfies. Blondes and reds are great for this season. The lighter the blonde the more gorgeous it will look.

Overall, Pinterest is a great place to pop by when looking for a hair style and colour inspiration. Grab your Black Chic Fashion Colour or Mega Colours and have some fun this holiday season.

Home colour kits are a fun activity and are easy to use. Order some pizza, and begin the process!

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Home » Articles » Black Chic – Be on the colour trend