Have fun with Braids this season

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Have fun with braids this season

With the Easter weekend, and term 2 just around the corner, it is time to let your children try a new hairstyle.

The Just For Kids hair care range has some wonderful products for your child’s hair type and hairstyle.  

The Just For Kids Maxi Grow Hair Food and the Just For Kids Pink Oil Moisture Shine are great for styling your child’s hair. They also keep moisture in, strengthen the hair and allow for easy styling. Maxi Grow Hair Food helps nourish the hair whilst moisturising the hair and scalp. It’s ideal for natural and relaxed hair and for the best results it must be used regularly in order to maintain a healthy scalp and healthy hair. The Pink Oil Moisture Shine is a non-greasy oil that restores the natural oils and moisture. It provides all day softness and sheen. It’s great for helping manage hair. These two products are great to use post and pre-hairstyle. They nourish the hair, allowing for strong growth and increased moisture for a softer healthier look.  

Braids are also super popular, as they are relatively easy to maintain and are a great fun look for your child, especially if you add pretty beads. Braids are versatile and suit any child. Braids are good at holding in moisture and can be kept for up to 2 weeks (depending on how active your child is). However, there are some don’ts that must be taken note of. Firstly, don’t make them too tight. This irritates the scalp and can weaken the hair follicles. Secondly, don’t make them too thin. Again, this can cause scalp pain and brittle hair. Add some Just For Kids Braid Spray to help strengthen, nourish and maintain your child’s beautiful and fun braids. 

So, what style will you be going for?  

Check out the range at  

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Home » Articles » Have fun with Braids this season