Just for Kids – Caivil – Relaxing your child’s hair over the holiday

Now that school holidays are here, it is time for your kids to have their hair exactly how they want it. This article is going to focus specifically on relaxing your child’s hair with the Caivil Just For Kids No-Lye Relaxer (https://www.maricosa.com/brands/caivil-just-for-kids/).

Relaxing your child’s hair can solve issues such as tangling and knotting. However, it is important to use a relaxer that suits your child’s hair type, and doesn’t irritate the scalp. Just For Kids No-Lye Relaxers are a low irritant, no-mix relaxer that is suitable for sensitive scalps, and comes in 3 strengths – i.e. for fine hair, normal hair, and coarse hair. Each relaxer comes with a neutralising shampoo for your convenience to help neutralise the hair after relaxing it.  The neutralising shampoo has a built-in colour indicator which means that the shampoo suds will remain pink if traces of relaxer is still present on the hair. So, you will need to shampoo again, and only once the shampoo suds show white is all the relaxer washed off and it’s safe to dry and style.

When using this easy-to-use relaxer always ensure you follow the instructions carefully. Keep to the time, protect the hairline and skin with petroleum jelly and ensure you wash it out thoroughly with the Just For Kids Neutralising Shampoo (https://www.maricosa.com/brands/caivil-just-for-kids/). This will help give you the best results.

Refer to (https://www.maricosa.com/brands/caivil-just-for-kids/) for more information on how to relax your child’s hair.